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Streaming March 31st - April 2nd

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Dear Fellow On-Fire Believers:

The Lord put it on my heart to do a community evangelistic outreach for Bradenton sometime ago.

We’ve been trained to do these events and we executed our first one 2 years ago in Cuba. 

The first night brought 800 people, by the last night we were up to 1700.

It transformed the region.

There had never been an event like this before.

The churches have grown.

It created a ripple effect that transformed the entire area.

It brought people to God who didn’t know Him, and who are now on fire for God.

We are still receiving testimonies 2 years later… of what happened on that night.

People who were healed, women who finally got pregnant…and the many people who were blessed on that night.

So when the Lord told me to do it in our local community in Bradenton, Florida…

I asked the local Police Major (who is also a believer) where the worst part in Bradenton that needed Jesus was…

Without skipping a beat, he said Pride Park.

My wife and I checked it out, and we had a witness in our spirit. We knew the Lord called us to do it.

We drafted out a budget and began to work. We found out there was a willing community of ministers ready to support…they had been waiting for God to do something like this.

We aligned with a county commissioner and several ministries to come together to bless a community…for free.

This will be a top-notch event for the community to enjoy and receive a message of HOPE: the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an opportunity to meet their Savior and begin a beautiful relationship with Him.

We sought the Lord, and He told us it would be a 3-night event.

People will come; everything is 100% free. Every family will leave with a box of groceries. We are giving away 1000’s of dollars in prizes and billpays.

The main purpose of this event is so that someone who would never ordinarily set foot inside a church, would have an opportunity to come to this festival, meet Jesus and receive salvation.

We believe that anyone who will join with us in faith, whether they are volunteering, praying, or partnering with us, will have eternal rewards in Heaven.

This community will be transformed:

Everything we do on this earth to Advance the Kingdom of God generates rewards in heaven.

We knew that we also needed to open this event up online, so people who are already believers could connect with God’s work in this area.

Watch God move. Register to watch Bradenton Hopefest LIVE for Free.

Streaming March 31st - April 2nd

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